Men’s Hair Removal Guide, Do’s And Don’ts


Although historically, commercial hair removal methods were dominated by women, recent trends show that men have become more interested in grooming or entirely removing excessive body hair.

Men have more body hair than women, and while many men still prefer the au naturel look, sporting a hairy chest, arms or legs at the beach or at the gym. However, these days many men also prefer to remove their unwanted body hair, popularising the procedure nowadays referred to as manscaping. Modern body hair removal trends do not necessarily dictate getting rid of all body hair, with many men choosing to groom just enough to make it look “presentable.” To help you achieve the best results in your manscaping endeavours, we have compiled some do’s and dont’s of hair removal for men .

The Do’s

1. Use the best tools


Razors are the most commonly used tool by men when to remove excessive body and facial hair. When it comes to razors, there are many different options to choose from, and it is important to note that not all razors are created equal. Choosing a flexible (as opposed to stationary) razor with a higher number of blades (4 to 5) with a built-in lubrication strip will provide you with the smoothest look.

Just make sure to replace your old razors, as dull ones can nick your skin when shaving.

Waxing kit

Waxing has become very popular in the recent years, and rightly so, as this method has several important advantages. In contrast to shaving, waxing results in smoother skin for longer, as hair grows back slower. The downside, however, is the ‘ouch’ factor, but when done quickly by a professional, waxing can give great results. Furthermore, there are different types of waxes, such as hot or cold, which should be chosen depending on your skin type to avoid irritations.

Body groomer

Using a body groomer is a great option to remove unwanted hair on your back or on other difficult-to-reach body areas. Essentially, a body groomer is an ordinary razor with an extended and foldable handle. When shopping for a body groomer, some important factors to consider include adjustability, running time, type of power supply used and type and material of the blade.

2. Use the right technique

Start with your chest hair

Your chest hair is the best place to start since this area typically contains unwanted hair that is right in front of you where you can see it, so it is a good area for practicing your hair removal methods. To remove your chest hair, you can shave it, wax it or use your body groomer.

Proceed with your back and shoulder hair

If you are feeling concerned about hair removal on these areas since they are more difficult to reach, it may be a good idea to get help from a professional. Many men choose to get their back and hair waxed at a salon. If you are feeling confident, you can use a body groomer with an extendable handle to help you reach difficult-to-access areas on your back and shoulders.

Trim or shave your armpit hair

There are many men who prefer to keep their armpit hair, or not to get rid of it completely. If you choose to shave your armpit hair, you should apply shaving cream to the surface beforehand, and proceed while carefully avoiding skin folds and moles.

The Don’ts

1. Don’t skip on the shaving cream

If you choose to remove your unwanted body hair by shaving, applying shaving cream is an important measure to reduce friction while shaving and therefore, preventing cuts, irritation and razor burn. Using shaving cream can help to keep your skin smooth and soft.

2.Give yourself plenty of time

For best results, make sure you set aside ample time to achieve the grooming results you want. Rushing can lead to cuts, nicks or less-than-perfect manscaping results, so make sure to take your time to avoid unnecessary stress.

3.If in doubt, ask an expert for help

If you are new to the realm of body hair removal and don’t feel confident to shave, wax or trim body areas which are difficult to access, you should book an appointment with a professional to minimise the risk of cutting yourself or otherwise damaging your skin.

These are just some of the most important things to know before removing your unwanted body hair. If you would like to hire an expert to help you achieve the best results, contact our team of specialists at Permanence – hair free for life to learn more about our services. We use a highly effective electrolysis method which permanently removes unwanted hair from the roots! With electrolysis, you won’t have to worry about unwanted body hair again.

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